Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Fat Meh

  • All of this recent uproar of "surviving the zombie apocalypse" had me thinking....wouldn't most people in the world have to be zombies for there to be an apocalypse?  Just thinking about the odds of becoming a zombie would deter me from "preparing" for it.  Chances are, all of the people who are super prepared would probably become zombies themselves, making their preparation irrelevant.
  • The Google Nexus 7 tablet looks fascinating, but there seems to be one point that everyone isn't mentioning.  App Sharing.  In my family, there are two iPads, two iPhones, and each of the kids has their own iPod touch.  When I buy an app through iTunes, everyone gets the app for no additional charge.  But with Android, I don't think that is the case.  This will REALLY deter me from buying an Android tablet, unless they address this.
  • Since everything is tied to your Google account, there is too much separation for a family.  I can't believe no one thought of this...or if they did think of it, they certainly don't seem to care.
  • It is funny how different parts of the country are the same, but totally different.  I just got back from a few days in Maryland and Delaware, and everything works the same, but nothing looks the same.  I guess I am just used to the way Texas is laid out, because nothing felt right while I was there.
  • I am nervous about the Cowboys' season this year, because I do have reasonable expectations.  Last year wasn't so bad because I expected them to have a down year.  This year is different from my vantage point.
  • I have noticed that my life is significantly less busy and easier to deal with if my teams are terrible.  I am a wreck if the Cubs are in the hunt.  I haven't had much to worry about for a few years. :)
  • I watched the pilot to the new show, Revolution.  Apparently, something happens that makes electricity not work anymore, and we go back to being farmers and such.  Even though the trailer was directed by Jon Favreau and has Gus Fring from Breaking Bad in it, it gets a big fat meh from me.  Way too much sword fighting and arrow shooting.  It was like the producers watched the Hunger Games right before they filmed it.  Give me STORY, not fighting!  Give me characters, not blood!
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