Friday, September 3, 2010

Cowboys vs. Dolphins - Third string battle!

Took Explosive 9th grader to his first game at Cowboys Stadium last night.  Here are some of my casual observations:

  • Love the stadium.  My second time to be there, and it was just as magical.  There are still no words in the English language that can describe that screen.  Trust me, you have never seen anything like it, and no matter what your friends tell you, you can't believe how awesome and big it is.
  • We left in the 3rd quarter.  There were very few people on the field that will make either team.  There was no reason to stay.
  • We parked at the corner of Division and Collins for $20.  Best part:  Free shuttle to the front gate.  Very nice!
  • There were 4 dance teams that did the halftime show.  There was one from McKinney called Pro Spirit.  Parents of that team should be ashamed at the outfits their 11-14 year old daughters were wearing.  I can promise you that if my daughter was part of that team, and the coach brought out those uniforms, it would be no more dance team.  Horrible, horrible taste.
  • Here is an example, from their website: Jr%204%202.jpg  Trust me, the outfits these young girls were wearing were worse.  They were sitting in our section, and it would have been tough to find a girl in that group that was older than 13.
  • I railed on him last year, but here we go again:  Jody Dean is the worst PA guy in all of sports.  He made more mistakes than I could count, including introducing Cowboy Great Everson Walls as "Elverson".  It also sounded like most of the time, he really didn't have a good grasp on all of the players' names.  He especially struggled with Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, which is understandable, but it sounded like he had to read it every time he said his name.  He also has a real problem knowing first names of the players.  This is something that a guy like him should know religiously.  It frustrates me to no end, especially knowing that George Dunham should have that job.
  • I don't think that the people in charge of the sound system spend much time up high, because that PA is WAY too freaking loud.  I put my fingers in my ears several times just to protect my hearing.  I know it was a preseason game, and the crowd was way quieter than it normally is, but there were several times where the PA scared the crap out of everybody in our section.
  • The metroplex let out a collective sigh of relieve when David Buehler hit that 51 yarder in the 2nd quarter.  Nice work, sir.
  • A guy showed up at HALFTIME and challenged the guys in front of us that they were in his seats (which they were).  Funny thing is, it took them 20 minutes of deliberation, an usher, and several back and forths to get the guys to understand they were in the wrong they moved to the 2 seats in front of them.  Lots of wasted energy.
  • So the guy who shows up at halftime sits down with his three lady friends, and then proceeded to spend about $75 on beer, popcorn, ice cream, and all sorts of stuff.  Where do people get the money?
  • As I said, we left in the 3rd quarter, and traffic was a non-factor.  We got back home in about 15 minutes.
  • Why can't they put the freaking down, distance, clock and score on the big scoreboard?  Is it that big of a technical challenge?
  • I want to speak with the person responsible for game presentation at the stadium.  That guy needs to talk to Chuck Morgan something serious.  How about a little less focus on girls in hot pants and inform the crowd on the football game?
  • In all seriousness, the stadium is a sight to behold, and I highly recommend you go to one event there.  It doesn't have to be a Cowboys game, just make sure you get out there some time.

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