Thursday, November 11, 2010

Android Keyboards

Just got done doing a quick test of a new Android keyboard (for my phone) called 8pen.  That isn't a typo...they have an 8 at the beginning of the word open.

It is a really cool concept. The keyboard is laid out in a X pattern, and you use circular motions to type.  Note that I said it is a really cool concept...typing on this keyboard is INCREDIBLY slow.  It took me almost 4 minutes to type a single tweet. That is too long. I am sure that over time, I will be faster on it, but it is such a difficult learning curve that I don't predict I will stay with it much longer.

Which brings me to the stock Android keyboard....It Sucks.  With a capital S.  I hate it.  I have never had any success typing on it.

My first Android phone was a Motorola Backflip.  I hope someone got fired over that abortion of a phone. It was awful. I sold it within a couple of weeks of getting it.  It was so crippled, and the screen was tiny; it was terrible.

So, I upgraded to the Nexus One, which is truly an amazing phone. I love does everything I need it to do...except type!  I hate the keyboard more than anything.  Google and Android, if you are listening, this is the one thing that Apple, hands down, does better than you.  I can't tell you what a refreshing breath of air it is to type on my wife's iPhone 1G.  It rarely lets a mistake through, and I rarely have to hit backspace.  


On Android, I consistently have to backtrack to fix a mistake because the space bar is too small, or the autocorrect jacked with me for the umpteenth time.

I am sure this post will get plenty of response from my brother in law, the ultimate Apple Fanboy.  I still love my phone...but I hope that the newer versions of Android will address this very glaring deficiency.  I would use my phone a lot more if I could freaking type on it!

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