Monday, June 15, 2009

Daily Grind...

  • Does anyone else have those friends on Facebook that carry on personal conversations on their wall, and some of them get a little too personal? I have one of those...
  • I saw two movies this was intensely boring, and the other was much funnier than I thought it would be. The titles were Defiance and Bedtime Stories. You decide which was which.
  • Installed a new back door this weekend. Couldn't have done it without my super-handyman brother-in-law. Thanks, bro.
  • To return the favor, I used my BRAND NEW pressure washer on his house. Those things are so freaking awesome...they will clean just about anything, and it is kind of fun to do at the same time.
  • I did get a blister from moving the wand side to side.
  • That's what she said?
  • ExplosiveKids have already told me that they are bored. Summer is only 2 weeks old. They are in for a hell of a time.
  • I need a vacation like nobody's business.
  • Remember those commercials that sang that song? I think it was American Airlines, but I am not sure...
  • I am going to miss playing in a band...but I am not going to miss it. That probably makes sense in a weird way.
  • I highly recommend everyone encourage thier kids to learn an instrument and try to get into a band. Even if they never go any farther than a garage, it brings so many different skills to the table.
  • Are Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais really that funny, or is just the way they talk? Of course I think they are funny, but that accent makes them 10x more hilarious. It has been proven in laboratories.
  • Received an ad in the mail for a lawyer who will protest your property tax for you. My wife was about to call them when a story on the news came on about that very firm and how they have had tons of BBB complaints. Whew...dodged a bullet on that one!
  • Maybe I should change the title of my posts to Weekly Grind.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Daily Grind...

  • Boy, it has been a while. When you are shooting for a promotion at work, it is tough to find time to blog.
  • Saw that a professional news organization spelled the word "lightning" as "lightening". Several of my fellow bloggers have the same problem. There is no "e" in the word that describes electricity that bolts out of clouds.
  • I am an avid user of Google Docs. It just makes life way too easy. But, there are people at work who are such caveman technophobes that I don't even want to show it to them, because I would spend more time explaining and listening to them bitch about how it isn't Excel and they should just email them an attachment. That is the whole problem I am aiming to avoid!
  • Do yourself a favor and decide right now not to be one of those people who avoids new things. Sit down and figure it out. Learn a new skill every week.
  • You would be shocked to know how many people don't know about "Alt-Tab". Maybe you wouldn't, but I am.
  • Racism disclaimer: I am anything but racist...but why don't black people know about Tommy Boy? Try it out sometime...95% of black people will look at you like you have 4 eyes if you ask them about the movie Tommy Boy. Seriously...test it out.
  • I had someone yesterday tell me that The Waterboy was the stupidest movie they had ever seen. That cut me deep. I love that movie. :)
  • I went all suburbia last weekend and installed landscape lighting at my house. It cost me about $150 and it looks FANTASTIC. I have gone outside my house every night before I go to bed just to look at how cool it is.
  • ExplosiveSon's baseball team is disbanding. I can't say that I am entirely disappointed, but I will miss some of the Dads on the team that I have been friends with for a few years now.
  • Isn't it weird how relationships work sometimes? You will see someone 1-2 times a week non-stop for three years, and something like this happens, and you will most likely NEVER see them again.
  • That happens a lot at work. You see someone every day for years, and they move on, and you never talk to them again. Just...poof. Gone.
  • I am the 4th result for Denarius McGhee in Google...he was the QB at Trinity high school last year. He signed with Montana State...that has got to be a change in scenery for a young man just out of high school, going from the metroplex to Montana. I wish him all the best, and I am going to keep track of him over the years. Let's see how well he does.
  • We went to see TCU play Utah in baseball, and ExplosiveSon's new hero is Matt Vern, the TCU 1b. He has a pretty good shot at being drafted, and it will be fun to keep track of him as he develops.
  • I played high school baseball with a guy who has been on the cusp of making the majors for several years now. He even was a September call up for the last two years, but he just can't seem to put a good run together to stay in the majors. His name is Bryan Myrow. Good guy...I wish he would come through Texas. I would go say hi.
  • I miss blogging...I love just getting all my thoughts out stream of conciousness style. Not sure how much you like it, but hey, that is why I do it.
  • ExplosiveSon has already put in his pre-order for "Call of Duty 6", but it doesn't have the "Call of Duty" tag on it anymore. It is now just called "Modern Warfare 2". He dropped the $80 for the collector's edition, but he doesn't even know what makes it a "collector's" edition. I think he is going to be disappointed, but I have been wrong before.
  • Oh doesn't come out until 11/10. He has some serious patience.

What do you guys read this blog on? Do you guys use an RSS reader like Google Reader, or do you just navigate to the page? I know I don't have a ton of "regular" readers, but I am interested to know. Leave me a comment!