Friday, October 16, 2009

Vacation blog

Ok, so I am thinking about putting up some stories from our trip.

Explosivewife is running a 50 mile race this weekend In Amarillo. We
are currently on our way there. We just stopped at a little gas
station on 287 that proclaimed to have "Lean Restrooms". Obviously the
"C" was missing from the sign, butthat didn't stopy genius son from
asking " what is a lean restroom?". Mind you, he is a 13 year old
straight A student.

While waiting for the mens lean restroom, the gentleman that was
occupying it was taking quite some time, so we jumped to the womens
restroom (the place was empty). Upon returning to the car, my lovely
wife asks what took so long. I replied that the guy in the restroom
was giving birth to a baby so we used the other restroom. I jokingly
mentioned that he kept asking fir hot water and towels.

My wife believed me. "really?" she asked.

This is my wife and son. They tend to lack the common sense gene that
most people seem to have. Or don't, I have noticed quite a bit lately.

Sorry if there are typos. I am typing this on my phone as we drive.

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