Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dialy Grind....

  • Has ANYONE actually been convinced to go to AT&T because you can surf the web and talk at the same time? I have had an iPhone since they came out, and can't remember once that I have had to surf the web while on the phone....but they are putting all of their eggs in that basket.
  • Seriously, does anyone want to sacrifice 3G coverage for that feature? I can't think of why...
  • How long until pitchers and catchers report?
  • Passed by a pretty nasty wreck on 35 over the weekend. It didn't look like anyone was hurt, but I took the opportunity to show my kids what happens when you get reckless on the road. I hope they get the message.
  • Last weekend was a marathon weekend (ExplosiveWife runs a bunch of them). We stayed at a pretty uppity hotel. My family just doesn't fit in well at those type of places. We felt uncomfortable the whole time we were there. We are more of a Holiday Inn type of family.
  • It amazes me how those places still nickel and dime you to death. How can your average Days Inn offer free wireless internet, but this hotel feels the need to charge you $13 a day for internet?
  • We went to the Space Center, which was really cool. Very much worth the admission. Best part of the whole trip is when they take you over to Mission Control and you get to see the actual room where they communicate with the missions. That was very neat.
  • Very somber moment when they showed the film of the Challenger exploding. I was in 4th grade when that happened, and I remember our teachers rounding us up to watch the television to see what happened.
  • It only took about two days before the jokes started coming about the explosion. Remember those?
  • ExplosiveWife finished the marathon in about 4 hours 20 minutes, which is right about her average. The weather was perfect for running a marathon (or so I am told).
  • Remember, the more runners in a marathon, the bigger the whip when it comes to getting out of there. This one wasn't so bad.
  • As we were leaving the hotel (paying them $14 a day for the privelege of parking there), ExplosiveWife turned the wheel too sharply and scratched her bumper on a pole in the parking lot. That really put the exclamation point on a pretty crappy trip.
  • We had to go to the front desk 5 times because our hotel key wouldn't work. They sent a security guard up who let us in, and told us that "engineering" would come up and look at the door. When the guy got there, his key worked and he spent 10 minutes telling us that it wasn't his problem, and that security would have to look at it. This is what you get at uppity hotels...the blame game and no responsibility.
  • Oh yeah...at about 12:30 on Friday night, the couple in the room next door to us was GETTING IT ON! They were not concerned at all about who heard them.
  • Speaking of that, the hotel was basically empty. The whole weekend I only saw one other guest the whole time, and the parking lot was totally empty. Yet, they felt compelled to put a family on one side of our room (complete with kids slamming doors and yelling), and brownchickenbrowncow on the other side. I couldn't believe they didn't spread us out some more...
  • Listening to the Cowboys' game on the radio was just two much. I can't handle games like that.
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