Friday, April 30, 2010

Somewhat of a grind...

  • Very interesting week with The Ticket...Ticket producer Mike Bacsik, who is also semi-famous for being the pitcher who gave up the record-breaking homerun to Barry Bonds, tweets something inappropriate and gets fired for it.  Do not drink and tweet, people.
  • Mavs get bounced out of the first round again.  I am looking into options that would involve me not watching basketball any more.
  • Curse you, roommate from the past for making me a Mavericks fan.
  • Date Night=Meh
  • Hot Tub Time Machine=Two Amnesias Up
  • Have been using the Motorola Backflip as my primary phone for the past month.  I love Android, but the screen on the phone is too small.  There is a physical keyboard, but the keys are too far apart, so I am double screwed.  The good news is that I have no intention of keeping this phone long term.  Gonna get me a Nexus One.
  • This whole iPhone getting lost in a bar and sold to a tech blog is insane.  I just don't see how Apple has the authority to sic the police on this guy.  It is their damn fault in the first place that the phone was left in the bar.  Personally, I think the guy should have sold it to HTC or Palm, not Gizmodo.
  • ExplosiveWife has become addicted to
  • Rick Carlisle is taking it in the shorts this morning, and it is well deserved.
  • Former Trinity QB Denarius McGhee is shining at Montana State...they seem to be really impressed with him.
  • Funniest thing ever.  Wait to the 3rd minute to get it rolling.
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