Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Awesome Parents Sue Hockey Team That Cut Their Sons [Hockey]

Awesome Parents Sue Hockey Team That Cut Their Sons [Hockey]: "
Two Toronto hockey dads are suing a youth league because coaches had the temerity to point out to their sons' that they aren't very good at hockey. Pay attention, because important life lessons are about to be taught. More »

Wow...where to start. These awesome parents in Toronto are suing their sons' hockey coach because he had the GALL to cut them.

Remember when Michael Jordan got cut from his high-school team? Imagine if his parents had decided to sue the coach instead of him deciding that it might be time to work on his game and get better.

Michael Jordan would probably be waiting tables somewhere, wondering why he now has a vagina.

Thank God for coaches, who have to make that difficult decision all the time, because it is their job to put the best team on the field. I hope those parents get what they deserve...Hopefully the judge will rule that they have to pay the coach something for dragging them through a legal process that wastes everyone's time and money.

Makes me sick.
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