Thursday, August 26, 2010

The price of technology, or why I love Moore's law:

I just bought a 2 TB hard drive for less than $100. I will probably never have to worry about hard drive space again (or at least until my daughter is out of college).

I wanted to do a quick math comparison for you.

Currently, a 2TB hard drive at $100 is:

$50 per Terabyte.
5 cents per Gigabyte
$.00005 per megabyte.

According to the above ad, an 18 megabyte hard drive in 1980 costs you a nice 5 grand. That is $277 per megabyte.

Using that current math, my hard drive in 1980 would have cost me:

554 Million Dollars. Half a billion dollars. I could buy a sports team with that kind of money. It is staggering to me that technology continues to get cheaper, smaller, and faster.

I love technology, even more than Kip Dynamite.

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