Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So, Tim Brown and Jerry Rice:  You are telling me that a Head Coach of a NFL team, while on the cusp of the greatest achievement one could attain in their field, decided to lose the game on purpose?  Seriously, that might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

If you don't have a WaterPik, I highly urge you to get one.  They are fantastic.

I am currently digitizing our home movie library.  Not our DVD Movies, but the home video tapes that we have collected over the past decade and a half.  I have way more than I realized....this could take a while.

Bought myself one of those chin-up bars you put on a doorway.  I am going to be so ripped! (Not really...I will probably give up after three days, but who notices that?)

Zero Dark Thirty: Go see it.  Awesome flick.  Great story, enjoyable sequences...and no extraneous crap to muck up the main narrative.  Every second of the movie is about how they caught and killed Bin Laden.  Who knows how much of it is accurate, but it seems to get the main point down pretty well.  Highly enjoyable.

97% of my web traffic comes from Barry's blog.  Thanks, Barry!
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