Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daily Grind...

  • I need to create a twitter account where no one knows it is me. There are a lot of things that I think people would be interested to read, but in no way do I want those thoughts associated with me.
  • I went to see Metallica last night. I can't tell you how happy I was to get to see them again, especially after the new album and with the new bass player.
  • I also heard that one of their engineers developed this new cool way to distribute low end at a concert that is supposed to be revolutionary. I will definitely say the sound was good. There is an entire register in my hearing that isn't there this morning.
  • Here is a link (warning, really technical stuff here that will bore most people).
  • The show was, for lack of a better word, incredible. I can't believe that these guys can put this kind of show at their age, for having done it so long.
  • Interesting story from the night: A really drunk guy behind us started putting ketchup and mustard on my buddy's hat, and my other buddy stood up for him. Turns out that they were in the wrong seat, and the AAC upgraded our seats for the trouble. So, I went from sitting in the corner up high to the 15th row, dead center. That was awesome. Thanks, drunk asshole!
  • My new Sony Reader is so awesome.
  • I am currently reading the Dexter series that inspired the Showtime show. I am glad it just inspired them, because I don't think the books are very good, especially compared to the show.
  • I have professed my love for Michael C. Hall before on this here blog, but reading the books to Dexter makes me even more impressed at how he is able to convey emotion in the most subtle way.
  • ExplosiveSon is 3-0 on his football team, and he hasn't even touched the ball yet this season. But, I love his attitude, as long as they win, he doesn't care if he does a thing.
  • Baseball is really his sport, anyway. He made me proud this weekend by doing very well in his tournament. I was happy to hear him say that he was sad that they didn't get to play more games, and how he wished he was playing baseball right now.
  • It has reached the age group where he has to start showing that he can hang with the big boys, and he is starting to show it. I am very happy with that development. Next year, he is eligible to play on the JV team at the high school he will be attending.
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