Monday, September 14, 2009

Rainy Grind...

  • Good lord, if it doesn't stop raining soon, I think that mass suicides might start happening.
  • My dog is going insane being cooped up in the house.
  • Went bowling this weekend at the Brunswick lanes in North Richland Hills. When we got there, there were no less than 13 lanes that weren't being used, but we weren't allowed to use those, since they were being "readied" for birthday parties that didn't start for an hour and a half. Nice job on creating false demand for your crappy bowling lanes.
  • Ok, I will admit, the Federer between the legs shot was cool...but go to any tennis tournament, no matter what level, and you will see that shot at least once. It was great and all because it was on the big stage, but most people who play tennis regularly can pull that off. I'm just sayin...
  • I purchased a Sony E-Reader off of Craigslist last week, and it might be the greatest thing I have ever owned. The best part is that I can "check out" digital books from the Frisco library for 14 days. So far, I haven't spent a dime on books and I have PLENTY to read. It is awesome.
  • I just finished Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. Great, great read about medieval times, cathedrals, monks and Earls.
  • I am currently reading the "Dexter" series, which is what the show is based upon. Good stuff.
  • Man, is it great to have football back. Seriously, it might be the happiest day on my calendar to see the first Cowboys' game. (Especially if they win)
  • I feel bad for the Rangers. They have done so well this season, and it looks like they are going to fall just short of the playoffs. It kills me.
  • On the latest iPhone/iTunes update, you can upload Genius mixes to your phone, which is great. There is also an option that you can check that fills up the remaining space on your phone with music. Great idea, right? Not so much. Unfortunately, it fills up every inch of space, so you can't download any new apps, nothing. I think they need to add a setting so that it always leaves 50 mb or so, so this won't happen.
  • I love technology (just like Kip Dynamite), but every once in a while, I am reminded how behind technology a lot of people are. I just had to teach someone how to use their new work-issued iPhone, and she looked at the thing like it had 3 heads and came from Jupiter.
  • Speaking of Jupiter, I love me some Martellus Bennett, but he will only be popular if he can perform on a week to week basis. If he starts to screw up, people will be all over him for being unprofessional. Just be careful, MartyB!
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