Monday, April 11, 2011


Last night, my kids and I were watching an old episode of Family Guy (I know, right...father of the year).

It was the episode where Peter joins the Renaissance Fair to be a knight.  There was one callback joke based around Margot Kidder and how she kind of went crazy.  I would post a video of it but I can't find it.

Anyway, my kids didn't get the joke (hell, I barely got it), but my daughter didn't just let it go by.  She asked me about it, and I told her to look it up. The only information I would give her is that the name of the woman was Margot Kidder.

As I sit here typing this, my 8 year old daughter is reading to me facts about Margot Kidder, bi-polar disorder, Vincent van Gogh, and Helen Keller.  She is seated across the room with her netbook on her lap.

How freaking lucky are kids these days to have access to every piece of information they could ever want, whenever they want?

If I wanted this information when I was her age, it would have been fruitless.  Maybe, just maybe, I could go to a really big library and look up past issues of People magazine to find out what happened to a certain actress, which would have led me to an encyclopedia about bi-polar disorder, and so daughter just got all of that information in 10 minutes.  At 8 years old in 1984, it would have been an entire day's worth of work, and that would have involved my mom driving me to a library out of town.

I no longer weep for our future.

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