Monday, September 19, 2011

Grinding Away....

Went to lunch at Bobby V's yesterday.  There was a large contingent of football fans, including one insufferable table of Packers' fans.  Well, the table wasn't the problem, just one guy at the table.  Every 5 yeard gain by the Panthers was the end of the season for Green Bay.  Every completion was equal to winning the Super Bowl.  There was a group of Steelers' fans at the back of the restaurant that would, as expected, cheer when the Steelers did something well.  The Packers guy would jump up, hold up a one and a three, and yell (at the top of his lungs), "THIRTEEN!!!", which is apparently how many championships the Packers have won.

He would walk up to the TV every time something happened, almost like he wanted to fight the television.  It was supremely annoying until we realized we should just sit back and enjoy the show.  He gave us years of material to laugh about, because he was truly insane.  It was also good because it gave my wife some perspective as to how there are people out there who are much crazier than I am.

Some grind-y thoughts:

  • Bobby V's has the best cheese sticks I have ever had.  Seriously, they are worth the trip.  It is off of 20 and Bowen in Arlington.
  • Bobby V's is a great place for a sports fan. A ton of memorabilia, cool magazine covers on the walls, etc...but it is a little dated.  They probably need to renovate, but I am sure that is expensive.
  • I wonder if Bobby Valentine even has anything to do with that place anymore.
  • The place was obviously retrofitted with televisions, as they seem like they were crammed into every corner they could find. 
  • Watched the movie Paul with Simon Pegg and Seth Rogen. Not funny.  Not even a little.  I was disappointed.
  • Who wants to get rid of Tony Romo now?  Think Kitna would have made that pass to Holley?
  • Speaking of which, Jesse Holley is supremely lucky he didn't fumble that ball. That would have been Roy Williams-esque, wouldn't it?
  • Some great videos I found on YouTube called "Classic Albums".  Watch this one and you will be hooked.  Butch Vig discusses recording "Nevermind" with Nirvana, and has certain tracks isolated so you can hear the different dynamics that went into recording that record.  Great, great stuff.
  • I am trying to grow my hair out.  I figure that at some point, my hair is going to fall out, so I am going to take one last run at this.  Who knows if it will work, but my hair looks like crap right now.

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