Monday, January 30, 2012

For Parents of soon to be high schoolers:

If you have a child that will soon be in high school, I have a very important tip for you.

Before you fill out any paperwork, create an email address that isn't yours or your child's.  Use this email when filling out paperwork for your student. (except for official school paperwork, like emergency contact forms)

Reason being:  You will immediately get added to every single college email list in the country.  I receive 5-10 emails a DAY from every institution of higher learning asking my son to consider their college.  They all use the same email marketing company.  I know this because every email is structured exactly the same. In fact, most of them are exactly the same.  I click unsubscribe. but more and more come every single day.

Also, letters have started showing up too.  Now, I will say that my son (10th grader) made a very high score on his PSAT, which might contribute to the avalanche of communication.  But, for your sake, better to be safe than sorry.  Have your child put this email address down as their email, and have it forwarded to your email if you think that is better. Create a filter to get rid of it...because you will be getting a LOT of it.
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