Thursday, March 8, 2012

Explosive grind...

  • My wife types oddly.  She is a hunt and peck type of person, but she complicates it even farther by how she capitalizes letters:  She hits caps lock, types the letter, then hits caps lock again.  I will never succeed in changing that behavior
  • Speaking of typing, my son has to be able to type 40 wpm to pass a class this trimester in school.  I would be happy if he just types out the words "you" and "are" instead of using letters.
  • It is amazing to me to see people on twitter be two absolutely different people without any idea that they are doing it.  I see messages that basically say things like "If this person messes with me, I will seriously beat them up and I don't care about what happens (saltier language is usually used)".  8 hours later, I see "God is great. I love my family. Being a Christian is amazing".  You kind of need to pick one message and stick to it, don't you think?
  • Wife and I are going to try a bed and breakfast this weekend.  I am a bit nervous.  Any thoughts?  I have never been to one, and I am afraid that it will turn out like in every sitcom I have ever watched.
  • Speaking of sitcoms, my wife and I watch an episode of King of Queens every night before bed.  I have seen every episode about 20 times by now, and they are still consistently great.
  • I could tell you that I don't want the new iPad (I am still rocking the first version), but who would I be kidding?  I guarantee that the first time I see that retina screen, I will fall in love.
  • Make sure to watch the second episode of Awake on NBC tonight.  I went to HS with the guy who wrote it.  He needs a successful tv show...too much talent there to waste.
  • I was in Chicago this summer and met a lady from California who worshiped the Casey Donahew band. I went to HS with him too...played little league baseball with him for years.  Good guy.
  • I also went to HS with an Olympic Volleyball star (Stacey Sykora), the fiddle player for Big and Rich (Shawn Bailey) and an American Idol (Kelly Clarkson).  Not a bad run for a little high school in Texas.
  • Shopping for umpire gear sucks.  Hardly anywhere carries it locally, and that is the kind of stuff you need to see before you buy.
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