Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Things I Find Ridiculous

  • People who get excited about going to a sporting event to drink beer.
  • How it is a standard practice to pick the thumbnail of a clip on YouTube based on the hot girl in the video, and not have anything to do with the actual content of the video
  • The new Star Wars movies.  Seriously, is there ANY chance they will be great?  No...likely they will be decent, but forgettable. Just like the new Star Trek movies.
  • Lake Granbury rising over 4 feet in one day...and poor Lake Bridgeport.
  • Companies who say that their prices are equivalent to "a cup of coffee a day".
  • Coffee that is more than a dollar a cup.  It is water strained over beans, people!
  • People who leave vague, cryptic Facebook statuses then get mad when someone doesn't explain to them what is going on
  • Steampunk.  Anything and everything steampunk.
  • Senators and Congressman who single out the President like they aren't part of the problem and he is the only reason we are in any mess anywhere
  • People who put "Breaking:" in front of tweets that are just a stupid joke. 
  • The fact that the FCC allows car horns and police sirens in radio commercials.
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