Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Grind...

  • I really like to use ellipsis...
  • Do you have people that you work with that are completely incompetent, and everyone can see it but their boss?
  • Spent most of the weekend building a custom, in-wall media rack with my brother in law. He is the carpenter, I was the gofer.
  • My trade is helping them set up computer stuff. As much as he knows about carpentry, he doesn't know that much about computers. I am glad to help.
  • We are preparing for the semi-annual garage sale at the house, so our house is in complete disarray. The dog is loving all of the new stuff to chew on.
  • Speaking of that, the dog got into ExplosiveWife's new "motto on the wall" that she hasn't stuck up yet. She custom ordered the stickers on the internet, and the dog chewed some of them up. I thought she was going to break down and cry (after beating the dog) but she did neither. I am proud of her.
  • We had the WORST umpire in the history of ever at ExplosiveSon's baseball game on Saturday night. He was just awful. Words cannot describe the injustices he purveyed at our game. But what can you do?
  • ExplosiveDaughter came home sick from school today with a minor ear infection. Poor girl called me from school in tears because she didn't want to go see the nurse. She wanted to stay right there with her teacher. It was touching.
  • I don't know if I mentioned it here or not, but I got the new Pearl Jam remixed version of Ten. It is really, really good. I thought the album was pretty good when it came out, and now that it has been freshened up by Brenden O'Brien, it sounds really great.
  • I just wish that my computer hadn't died, so I could put it on my iPhone.
  • Speaking of iPhone, I paid $10 for the MLB At Bat 2009 application, which allows me to listen to any game audio for this season. It was AWESOME to hear the Cubs' game last night, even though they lost. For $10, it is a great deal, especially because you get pretty close to real time highlight videos sent to your phone, which is killer.
  • Now if the MLB can just get rid of their silly blackout rules. Big company idiocy at its collective best, right there.
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