Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Grind...

  • This morning, ExplosiveDaughter asked ExplosiveWife if she would wake her up early. We had no idea why, but it turned out she had an elaborate April Fool's prank set up for her brother. Well, it was elaborate for a 6 year old. ExplosiveWife woke her up, but she fell back asleep and it ruined all of her plans. She was DEVASTATED. There was no consoling her, but we tried.
  • My face is almost healed, but I have a sore in my nose. Those are the worst.
  • I take that back. Canker sores are the worst, but nose sores are a close second.
  • Saw the movie "Dirty Harry" the other day. Man, has acting and directing come a long, long way. Harry's famous "Do you feel lucky, punk?" line was nowhere near as powerful as I had imagined it. In fact, it was kind of lame. It sounded rushed. I also had real problems with the plot line. There were plot holes you could drive the Titanic through.
  • Older movies just don't do it for me. I rarely see what people love about them. I hate to sound disinginous about them, but man, they really disappoint me!
  • One old movie that I really did like was Papillion. That was good.
  • Explosive son ran his second track meet on Monday. He ran the 1600 (mile) and the 2400 (1.5 mile). Let's just say that track isn't his thing. :)
  • Seeing him run track makes me appreciate even more how amazing he is at playing baseball. He really has fantastic instincts and is a tremendously patient batter. He bats leadoff for his team and leads the known universe in walks. But the best part is, when the pitcher makes a mistake, he makes him pay by smacking the tar out of the ball.
  • They are finally tearing down that building by my house. It is cool to see it slowly erode away, piece by piece.
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