Monday, May 4, 2009

Daily Movie Grind...

  • I saw a couple of movies over the weekend. Neither were very good, in my opinion.
  • First, I saw Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron as a firefighter going through a rough patch in his marriage. This movie, for lack of a better phrase, was so unbelievably average, it made me sick. It felt like I was watching a poorly-scripted play at church. Overt Christian overtones, stupid attempts at comedy, and more preaching than you get in an average year at church. Now, before anybody gets their panties in a bunch, I thought the message of the movie was good. As is usually the case with "regligious" films, it spent way too much time pandering to the audience and not enough time developing the story. It felt like I was watching a cross between an afterschool special and a Lifetime movie.
  • The sad part was that I had several people recommend this movie as a life changing type of film. As a film per se, it was terrible. Absolutely awful. The acting was pretty crappy, and I HATE to be pandered to, and this was one of the most pandering movies I have ever seen. Seriously, it was like reading a childrens' book.
  • I liked the firefighting scenes the best, especially the train sequence. That was kind of cool.

  • The second movie I saw was Seven Pounds with Will Smith. Very, very confusing movie, but it all makes sense in the end. I thought that they kept us in the dark for too long, then accelerated the story too fast to catch back up at the end. Not a bad movie, good premise, but I just found it too hard to be emotionally involved because they just wouldn't give any of the story up!

  • Baseball aside: We finally won our first game of the season on Friday night. We scored the winning run on a safety squeeze, called by yours truly. The funny part was that the kid that was batting had two strikes when I called it, but he had no idea he would have been out if he fouled it off, but I was counting on that when I called it. It worked to perfection, and I was as pleased as punch!
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