Friday, May 1, 2009

Daily Grind...

  • I really, really like the show Fringe. Great story lines, has a very witty edge to it, and the guy who plays the eccentric scientist is great. But there are a couple frustrating aspects to it.
  • One, they always (ALWAYS) get it right the first time. It is kind of like in Star Trek, how every week there was a 1 in a million chance that this could work, and it always did. In Fringe, the theories that are floated out there about what is going on are always dead on, even though they preface the theory with "this may sound odd, but...". I would like to see them get it wrong once or twice to make it a bit more on pace with reality.
  • I realize how silly that sounded, especially if you watch the show. Reality is not this show's strong suit.
  • The second thing that really bugs me about the show is that the people involved in the show still find things hard to believe. In this season, we have seen: A 12 foot long lizard/snake/scorpion hybrid, hands reaching out of computer screens, a giant porcupine monster, women who can become pregnant and deliver a baby within an hour, and people whose heads spontaneously explode. But every time that Agent Dunham goes to her boss in the FBI (who is head of a special task force related to paranormal/weird happenings) says something like, "You realize how crazy this sounds, right?". WHY??? DOES HE NOT KNOW ABOUT ALL OF THE OTHER WEIRD SHIT THAT HAS HAPPENED, OVER AND OVER AGAIN?
  • Sorry for yelling, but you think that the writers of this show would have caught that by now. Everywhere she goes, weird crap happens over and over, yet they still act like they haven't ever seen anything weird before.
  • I have a bet with a friend that I have to buy him lunch if the Rangers finish over .500 this year. It is one bet I would be glad to lose.
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