Monday, July 26, 2010

Sporty Sport Sport!

Monday Morning Psychologist, With Dez Bryant And Roy WilliamsI know I don't get into a ton of sports stuff on here, but mostly it is because I know half of my audience hardly knows what football is, let alone who Dez Bryant and Roy Williams are.

What if this whole thing between Dez and Roy is a prank on the Cowboy Fan/Media?

If you don't know the story, go here.

What if Roy and Dez got together before all of this, and set it up?

I'm not saying it is realistic, but I have always wondered how much of what the media tells us to believe is actually what happens.  Sort of like setting up a WWE storyline to create drama, when in reality, there is none.

It is kind of like the true story of why Robin Ventura charged Nolan Ryan.  He really had nothing against the guy...there was just a team pact that the White Sox put together that said the first guy that gets hit by Nolan charges the mound...and he happened to be that guy.  It probably explains why he got his ass whooped, but nonetheless, there is all sorts of fake drama around that story that Rangers fans still carry with them today.

I think it would be neat if players were to set up this false drama just to mess with us...what if Roy and Dez have great chemistry, and all they are doing is punking us out?

Food for thought....

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