Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Thousand Words

I took this picture for two reasons:

1. The chick on the bike in front of us (yes, it was a woman) looked
quite a bit like Bret Michaels from behind. But then again, doesn't
pretty much every woman wearing a bandana look like Bret Michaels from

2. The truck in front of the bike had a full window sticker
advertising a tattoo parlor. In itself, this isn't that remarkable.
What I thought was interesting is that he had his MySpace account as
the URL to find his shop. This must make him sad, as I am sure he
paid good money to get this sticker put on his truck, only to find out
a few years later that no one uses MySpace anymore.

But it was so cool 5 years ago!

Please ignore the bird crap on the windshield...my windshield wipers
don't work all that well anymore, nor does my windshield washer
delivery units. That is what you get with 113,000 miles on a car.

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