Friday, October 1, 2010

Voice Plus Creates Google Voice Number Rules on Android [Downloads]

Finally...I know not many of you have Google Voice, but if you do, this is the one app you NEED to get. It allows you to selectively choose who you call with and without Google Voice, which is really good for family plans. I have requested this feature numerous times, and it looks like someone finally took it into their own hands!

via Lifehacker by Kevin Purdy on 10/1/10

Voice Plus Creates Google Voice Number Rules on AndroidAndroid only: Google Voice allows detailed rules for people calling you. But your outgoing Google Voice calls? Not so much, unless you've installed Voice Plus, which lets you choose contact groups to call with or without your Google Voice number.

Voice Plus is nothing more than an extension of your Google Voice settings. You choose whether you call with your cellphone's carrier-supplied number or your Google Voice number by default. You choose whether certain area codes are always called with Google Voice—handy for those who live on the border of international areas. And you can choose certain contact groups, set up in your Google Contacts, that are always called by Voice, and others always called by a landline.

Voice Plus Creates Google Voice Number Rules on AndroidSo the use you'll get from Voice Plus depends on your ability to set up your contacts with distinct Voice/non-Voice numbers, but that's a big help to those who grow tired of toggling Voice on and off for individual calls. Voice Plus is a free download available in the Market; you can get to it directly by scanning the QR code at left.

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