Sunday, January 16, 2011

First post with my new Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and iPad

Ok, so if you look at my earlier post that says I wasn't going to get
an iPad, then you will think that I am a fool. Well, you probably
already think that, but life goes on, right?

I have had the ipad for the last few months, and it is nothing short
of amazing. I love it so much. The funny thing is that the amount of
time I spend sitting in front of my home computer has drastically

I started a new job this month, and I am seriously thinking that they
could just let me use an iPad instead of a laptop. It is that
versatile. Sure, there are certain things that I cannot do with my
iPad that I can with a laptop. It won't have the processing power to
do some of the heavier tasks that I have to be able to do with my job,
but as far as email goes, this thing is great.

My kids love the games, I love NetFlix, and I love having it.

This is me admitting I was wrong. If you are on the fence, thinking
that you might want one, get off the fence. Go get it. You won't
regret it. Or, make up your mind that you are going to get the new
one when it comes out in the spring. Either way, you will thank me.

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