Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Atlanta Hotel Room Thoughts

I just had too many of these running through my head, so I needed to
get them out.

I am sitting in my hotel room in Atlanta with nothing but time to
kill. As I thumb through the different channels, stopping mostly on
American Idol, this is what is going on.

Steven Tyler is a big thumbs up in my book. But my fear is that your
average American housewife really has no idea who he is. If you like
the show NCIS, you probably don't give a rat's ass who Steven Tyler

There is a channel on the TV here that says nothing but
"Congratulations. You have a Dish 500. Nice usage of bandwidth.

I rarely get a chance to watch commercials on tv, mainly because I
don't watch TV that much. I am certainly not missing anything.

Except for the two AT&T commercials right now...the one where they are
eating tacos outside Eric's office and the one where the guy gets the
text message before everyone else and has that crazy laugh. Now that
is funny stuff.

One thing that completely sucks about the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and
the iPad: If you forget to turn the keyboard completely off before
you put it in your bag, every time one of the keys is pressed, the
ipad lights up and wants you to use it. So, for most of the day, mu
ipad kept on turning on in my bag. Battery life was much less than
usual because of that.

This hotel I am staying in charges $12.95 a day for internet. That is
highway robbery. The room only costs $125 a night. I am paying more
than 10% of the room charge for one day of internet. Hard to justify
that cost.

Nancy Grace is the worst thing ever. If you like and regularly watch
that show, I dislike you. She is what is wrong with this country's

I really like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Their shows are great.
But I think if their goal is to raise consciousness of how stupid
people are, they should do more appearances on other people's shows.
They need to appear more to people who don't like them. But, people
are such sheep that they would probably just change the channel.

I am so thankful that I don't pay for cable tv. Aside from the
various sporting contests that I invariably miss, I am not missing

Of course, Comedy Central plays a South Park episode making fun of
Jennifer Lopez, opposite of American Idol (where she is one of the new

Does TBS play anything but Tyler Perry shows? I know this is kind of
beating a dead horse, but it seriously seems like that is all that is
ever on there.

Coming home tomorrow. Can't wait. Oh yeah, one more thing...if you
can avoid Atlanta's airport, do it. That thing is poorly designed, in
a ridiculous way.

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