Thursday, March 5, 2009


I saw an article today comparing Hulu and YouTube.  Can I make a request?  STOP IT!!

Hulu and YouTube couldn't be more different.  Just because they show moving pictures does not mean that they are even comparable.  Hulu is very selective of the content that is put on their site. YouTube is not.  To say that YouTube is 6x bigger than Hulu is a flawed argument.  I do not go to YouTube to see the latest episode of Family Guy.  Conversely, I do not go to Hulu to see what might be the funniest video I have ever seen:

Please stop it.  There is no comparison. People use the sites for different things.

My other least favorite comparison is used a lot by sports radio talk show hosts.  Please, please stop using Michael Jordan as a comparison to other sports figures.  Jordan was other worldly.  He has no comparison.  When you are complaining that Tony Romo doesn't have leadership ability, do NOT compare him to Jordan.  Jordan is on his own plane.  You cannot include him in discussions of every day athletes.  Do not use the phrase "Jordan came to every practice to win".  Yes, we know that.  But do not use that as the measuring stick for all other athletes.  It is unrealistic to expect that.

Carry on.
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