Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daily Grind...

  • My sister yelled at me because I didn't call her ExplosiveSister.  The problem is that I have 4 sisters, and there is no way to distinguish them. At least that was my thought process at the time, but then I realized that saying "my sister" is just as ambiguous as saying ExplosiveSister, so I am stupid.
  • The rain woke me up several times last night, but we have been sleeping with our windows open for the last few nights.  ExplosiveWife was all over the house at 3AM, closing windows.
  • For about a year now, ExplosiveWife's treadmill has had a problem with the motor.  It sounds like a jet engine.  We finally called the repair guy to come out and put in a new motor. Whisper quiet.  It really is an amazing difference.  It is also amazing what you will get used to.
  • One of the moms on ExplosiveDaughter's soccer team half recognized me last night from the band I used to be in.  That doesn't happen very often. Her boyfriend is also in a local DFW band.  I am scared that her and ExplosiveWife will have many conversations during soccer games about how bad it sucks to be in a relationship with a working musician.
  • One of the big reasons I got out of the band was because I didn't want to be 35 years old and still trying to "make it".  We had our success, but I could tell we hit the glass ceiling years before others in the band realized it.  I got out while I could still salvage a normal life and career.  Too many people realize it way too late.
  • One of our favorite songs to cover was "Careless Whisper" by Wham!.  Seether just released it as a single. Those bastards.  It sounds very similar to what we did.  They stole our song that we stole!  How dare they! (That isn't me playing bass in the video, by the way)
  • I read that the worst bottleneck in DFW is right at Highway 820 and Highway 26 in North Richland Hills.  My wife quit her old job in no small part to that stretch of highway that she had to drive every day, to and from work.  We lived in Euless and she had to drive to Saginaw.  She was so stressed out, every single day.
  • North Richland Hills is hard to say.
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