Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Daily Grind...

  • It has almost gotten to the point where I just constantly need an open blog post so I can write down these thoughts that fly through my head at 100 mph.
  • How hard must it be to be an ad executive?  You think you have this great idea, and you have to pitch it to people who might think you are an idiot.  For example, the Conan O'Brien commercial were he does the commercial that is only supposed to be seen in Sweden...that would sound so stupid on paper, but on screen it is really funny.
  • I think it would be cool to have the last name "Pryzbilla"
  • Why are there signs on the road that say, "Guardrail Damage Ahead"?  Thanks for the warning. I was going to plow into it, but now that I know there is damage to the upcoming guardrails, I am changing my mind.
  • I think it is cool that 15 years from now, my kids will be able to read this blog and get a good sense of my day to day life.
  • I downloaded Digsby today (  If you are on a bunch of social sites such as Facebook, Myspace, twitter, etc., This might be the tool for you.  It is really, really cool.
  • Speaking of my kids, my 7th grader got detention yesterday for the first time ever.  Apparently, a 9th grader had tossed a ketchup packet under my son's table. My son, in his effort to be as socially awkward as possible, thought he wanted it back so he tossed it back to him.  This enraged the 9th grader, so he opened the ketchup packet and threw it in my son's face, exploding ketchup everywhere, all over his shirt and face.  I feel bad for him, but I really do want him to fight his own battles and learn how to keep out of trouble.  He was really disappointed, but I think it is a good life lesson.
  • I listened to Hal Jay on the way in to work this morning (WBAP 820).  I know that I am not necessarily in his target demographic, but Barry Green is right...this guy is awful.  Nothing he says is even remotely funny, and when he does a bit, it is just bad.
  • Today's bit was "Cowboy Pick Up Lines" and I guess the guy who is his yuckmonkey was doing the voice.  One of the lines was supposed to be, "Hey, baby.  Want to pull the label off of my Shiner?".  The guy messed up the line and botched it all up, but it wouldn't have been funny if he HAD gotten it right.  But there is Hal and the traffic guy, cracking up like they are watching Eddie Murphy Raw.  I don't get it. I am going to listen more because it might be entertaining to see how bad it truly can get.

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