Friday, February 27, 2009

Daily Grind...

  • I don't understand what is meant when you people say something is "not-a-good".  Am I supposed to read that like a cliched Italian?  Or is it something else?  Please explain!!
  • My company is hiring right now. Not a lot, but we are interviewing people...and they aren't showing up for their interviews.  Please explain!!!
  • I am starting to get the itch for baseball season.
  • I found out the other day that you can suspend your DirecTV for a while and you don't have to pay for it.  We are planning on doing that to save some money until the summer, when the kids will be at home all day.
  • Watched "Man on Wire" last night. Not a bad little film, but I don't know if it should have been as long as it was.  Also, something I don't understand is why they were so diligent at filming Phillipe practicing on a rope, and testing out all of the pieces, but there was no film of the actual event?  Why would you haul all of that equipment up to the top of the World Trade Centers and not bring a camera, when you had recorded so much film already of the preparation?
  • The guy who walked on the wire has a serious set of juevos.  You couldn't even convince me to go on the roof of that place, let alone walk on a steel cable inbetween them.
  • I got yelled at by a fellow blogger for the way my comments system is set up.  I fixed it just to appease them.  I hope it works now. :)
  • My daughter has her first soccer practice tonight.  I have no idea how she is going to approach it.  It will either be the best thing ever or the most horrible experience of her life. That is the way she is.  There is no inbetween for her.
  • I just typed "inbetween" twice, and I can't remember ever typing it before.
  • I am jealous of Geeding getting to take a photo with the World Series trophy.
  • I am always complaining to Explosive Wife that I am never in any of the photos we take, because I always have the camera and no one else wants to carry it.  The best photo of me was taken by my son as I exit a portapotty.  Take that, Geeding!!!
  • I like Salma Hayek on 30 Rock, but she it taking too much screen time away from Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin (together).  It is kind of hurting the dynamic of the show a bit, IMO.
  • ExplosiveWife is running the ultra-marathon at the Cowtown tomorrow.  31 miles.  It has become her pre-race ritual to eat at Jason's Deli before each guess where I am eating tonight?  Club sandwich, not toasted with no tomatoes, here I come!
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