Monday, July 13, 2009

Where I've been....

Update: The last line should read "Daniel Larusso", not Larussa. Larussa manages the Ass-Cardinals. Those responsible for this mistake have been sacked.

About a month and a half ago, my boss was fired here at work. It was completely unexpected, no warning whatsoever. Since he and I worked very closely, I decided to go for his position. So, I put my nose to the grindstone and really focused on work.

This is why there has been no blog.

Well, I found out on Friday that I didn't get the position, but it wasn't for lack of trying. So...I am able to blog again.

There are probably three people out there who said "Yay! He can blog again!"

And there are 7,999,999,997 people out there who said "Huh?". (How do you say "huh?" in Swahili?)

So, I am back. Lots of stories to tell, dirt to dish.

Here's a good one:

My daughter just spent the last 1.5 weeks in Alabama with some family friends. They stayed at a lakehouse on the river (or is that a riverhouse?) and got to swim every day. My daughter looks like a Cherokee Indian now, but that is beside the point. She returned home bearing gifts for the family. ExplosiveSon got a Call of Duty action figure, which suits him VERY well. ExplosiveWife got a puzzle, which she loves to work. Guess what ExplosiveDad got? A fiction paperback called "Cheating Death" about a serial killer.

My guess would be that she just picked the first book she could find that had an interesting cover on it, but serial killers? From a 6 year old? I have some work to do.

We had the radiant barrier stuff put on our attic. I haven't noticed a difference. We will see when the next electric bill comes, but it has been at least 193 degrees every single day that we have had it. I bet our bill doesn't go down. I am going to keep a close eye on our kilowatt usage though. We also installed mini-blinds on windows that didn't have it, and I spent a good portion of my vacation caulking windows and doors.

Caulk is fun, especially when you start getting the double-entendres going. ExplosiveBrotherInLaw and I were having a blast asking risquee questions to family members:

"Do you want to see my caulk?"
"I prefer the white caulk, actually"
"It's very important to keep extra caulk handy" etc....

One thing I do is keep very close eye on other blogs and how things are going. Man, am I glad I don't deal with some of the drama other bloggers have to deal with! Of course, it seems that we all have to deal with this heat. ExplosiveSon sweats playing video games....I am blessed with some sort of freakish genetic gift that makes me hardly sweat, especially on my face. I NEVER sweat on my face, at all. It is kind of funny that I will be on the treadmill for an hour and it doesn't even look like I am trying, because I don't sweat. I always used to get mad that the gym would make me walk around with a towel, because I never needed it.

Having said that, I enjoy the invention of the Dri-Fit t-shirt. You know, the ones that wick sweat away from your skin? Those are great. I pretty much wear nothing but during the summer. They are just too comfortable. If you haven't tried them out, you need to get one. You can always find them at Ross, cheap.

Yesterday, I was approaching an intersection and the light turned yellow, so I stopped. Now, this isn't like, the light turned yellow as I was about to enter the intersection, it turned yellow when I was about 15 yards from entering the intersection. I stopped for the red light, and the guy in a red PT Cruiser behind me was NOT happy, at all. He honked, threw his hands up in the air, and was not in a good mood. As soon as the light turned green, he laid on his horn and let me have it. Bad idea, dude. I proceeded to move as slowly as I could through the intersection, further enraging him. He pulled up to my left in the turn lane, and he and his passenger were just dog-cussing me to no end. I just smiled and waved...If you go out of your way to let someone know that they made you mad, and it doesn't benefit you, don't be shocked when I do things that make your life more miserable. It was almost as if they thought I stopped at the yellow light just to make their life more miserable.

Seriously, don't let traffic get to you. What can you do about it? Just be glad that we can get from Fort Worth to Dallas in about 30 minutes. I know that sounds like old man syndrome, but neighbors just drove from Alabama to Texas in less than a day. Why do we get upset when we can't drive somewhere in 2 minutes less???

I have been listening to a Chicago Sports radio station all morning. Apart from the broadcasters, everyone from Chicago (local advertisers, etc.) sound like they have a Jolly Rancher in their mouth when they talk.

I need to find a large, gaudy trophy for cheap. Any ideas? I don't care what it is for, I just need to to be really big. Kind of like the one that Daniel LaRussa won in Karate Kid. Any suggestions?
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