Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bridgeporters and Eulessites

I think I like the way the Bridgeport/Decatur faction has blogged lately.  Does that area have the largest ratio of bloggers per capita?  I think so, because everyone there seems to have a blog.

I think I would like to start focusing more on where I live, the HEB area.  That stands for Hurst/Euless/Bedford, for those of you from Wise County.  I kid, I kid!  You know I love all of you guys, otherwise, I wouldn't follow your blogs.

I will see what kind of things I can dreg up visavis the Euless area.  I might not have as many grainy iPhone photos as Barry, but let me see what I can come up with.

Apparently it is now illegal to use a cell phone in active school zones in Hurst.

There is a building in Euless at the corner of Pipeline and Industrial that looks like it is about to be torn down. There has been a demolition trailer out front for the past few days. Does anyone know why they are tearing it down, or know of a way to find out?  I am interested, as this building has been there forever, and it is old, unkept, and in need of a major facelift.  Can anyone help?

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