Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daily Grind

  • The other day, The Hardline kept a guy on hold for over two hours.  Then they took his call, and he got really indignant with them.  The guy claims that he has been listening for 15 years, and then claimed he couldn't believe they would keep him on hold.  If he had listened for that long, he would have known that the Hard Line does stuff like that.
  • This week's SNL was pretty darn good.  I think that a lot of the criticism that SNL has gotten over the past year has been a bit unfair, but I understand it.  The thing that makes one show better than the other is the host.  Neil Patrick Harris looked so comfortable doing the show, and that is what made it good.
  • The worst SNL ever was when Steve Forbes hosted.  If you can watch it, do it just to see how bad it is.
  • Banks are already asking for more bailout money.  Sigh...
  • I really need Geeding at BON to stop putting the Upgrade song in his posts.  How will it ever end if he doesn't stop?
  • I woke up this morning about 4.  Went in and out of sleep for the next three hours.  That sucks.
  • I always secretly wish that Liberally Lean would use a picture of my wife as the hottie he puts on his random observations, because, well, she is.
  • Do a search on Flickr or Picasa for "hot wife".  Most guys who think that their wife is hot are usually a little off base.  But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so kudos to them.  I am probably in this position, but I know my wife is a hottie.
  • I have been playing Scrabble with a complete stranger on Facebook. I like it. I like the leisurely pace of playing a game over the course of a few weeks.
  • Lost starts back up next week.  The enhanced final episode from last season is on tonight. I need to watch that to get caught up.
  • I need to find a way to get my DirecTV receiver connected to the internet so I can schedule stuff to record from work.  That is neat.
  • We ordered a MagicJack last week.  Not bad. Not great, but not terrible.  Especially for $20 a year.
  • Blogging is the new black.
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