Monday, January 19, 2009

Daily Grind...

  • The hit that Willis McGahee took last night in the AFC championship reminded me of when he blew out his knee his senior year in Miami.  I was going to post a picture of that hit, but I changed my mind when I almost threw up after seeing it.
  • Why does everyone in the world have the day off today except me and my wife?
  • I overthink grammar to the point where I tend to get it wrong because I overcorrect.
  • I always feel bad for people who need overtime at work, but can't get it.  It puts me in a position that I don't like to be in.
  • I spend more time trying to avoid confrontation than I do anything else.
  • SiliconeAlley cusses too much.  But I secretly wish that I could cuss that much and get away with it.
  • Cussing has always confused me.  Why is it okay to say, "I crapped my pants" but not "I shit my pants"?  Are crap and shit really that different?
  • My daughter came home from school one day saying that the computer games they have at school are gay.  When did the word gay replace stupid?
  • I hope Atreyu's next album is as good as their last one.  A lot of people are pissed because they changed their sound for this last album, but I for one loved the change and became a big fan.
  • The pilot of that flight that landed in the Hudson must have huge brass cojones, but what I am most impressed with is how humble he is being about it.
  • If you don't use Google Reader, what is wrong with you?
  • I really wish Google would get on the stick and increase the amount of storage allowed for Picasa.  Windows Live went up to 25 GB!!!!  All I am asking for is just a bit more so I don't have to stress about which pictures to share.  And I don't want Flickr.  So don't suggest it.
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