Friday, January 16, 2009

Daily Grind...

  • No doubt by now you have seen/heard a million stories about the airplane that landed in the Hudson river yesterday, plus the iPhone pics that accompany it.  Really neat story, and kudos to the pilot for doing a tremendous job keeping the people on the plane calm.
  • Every time a news story like this hits (plane crash, earthquake, etc.), the Web 2.0 sites piss themselves declaring that Twitter will replace everything as the place where news breaks.  Twitter had it first!  Blah blah blah...They always fail to mention that unless you are following that person, you are going to get the news from somewhere else.  You can't follow everyone on Twitter.
  • Today's cello lesson was very, very productive. My daughter is doing well.
  • In the Suzuki method of teaching music, they use language instead of notes.  So, instead of playing four eighth-notes, followed by two quarter notes, you play a "Mississippi Stop-Stop".  Try tapping it is a pretty neat way to get them to learn music without the beating of trying to read music right off the bat.
  • I might have messed up the correct notes in that has been a while since I studied real music.
  • My favorite part about American Idol is that it really gives some talented people a chance to do something with their talent.  There are way too many talented singers out there relegated to singing karaoke every Friday night because they can't get in to see someone who could make a difference in their life.
  • I got a new camera today!  Sony Cybershot W-120.  Battery is charging right now.
  • I wanted a camera that could fit in my pocket and I could take it with me everywhere I go.  Prepare for a lot more pictures.
  • I have a lot more pictures on my hard drive than most.  I think I am pushing 80,000 pics right now.  I was an early adopter of the digital camera, so I have quite a few from back in the day.
  • Sometimes I miss pictures on film, but I do not miss the beating of getting them developed.
  • I used to work in a photo lab.  Back then, it was very manual process.  Now, any knucklehead can load the film in and get prints out in an hour.  It takes no skill whatsoever.  I sound like an old man!
  • Get off my lawn!!!!
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